Affordable Pricing for Marketing in the transportation industry

Transport Stake is your marketing partner in the transportation industry 

With a network of more than a million professionals and more than 77k organizations in the transportation industry, Transport Stake helps you with your marketing efforts by putting your offers in front of the right audience. You can list:


As Transport Stake runs—analogous to LinkedIn or Facebook—a freemium model, you can decide whether to use the complimentary listings and get some visibility or use the pay-per-click option where you can define your click rate and a maximum budget to get increased visibility. You will only be charged for the realized clicks.


We also offer the following opportunities for mailings that can go out to more than a million professionals:

  • These can e.g., be presented as featured investments in our English newsletter with more than a million subscribers for $990.

  • Dedicated partner emails that start from $33/1,000 subscribers. These emails can be segmented by country and language (English, German, French, and Spanish). For bigger segments, we give discounts of up to $3900 for the whole database of more than a million subscribers.

  • We can also offer other options e.g., presenting your organization in our English, German, French, or Spanish newsletter. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact Martin Signer, +41433331038,