About us

Welcome to Transport Stake, the network that connects the global transportation community across over 200 countries and territories around the world.


Our mission is to connect the global transportation community.

To achieve the goal we provide a matching platform for transportation services that functions as follows:

How it works

  1. Carriers can categorize their transportation service offerings based on specific criteria such as mode of transportation, type of transport, and goods handled.
  2. Shippers can search for transportation solutions based on their specific needs and view services that carriers have designated as available for their requirements and the types of goods they transport.
  3. Shippers can create an anonymous transportation service requests, to which carriers can respond.
  4. Shippers can collaborate and share due diligence information.

    In addition to the above, Transport Stake offers the following features:

  5. Users providing services to the transportation industry can list their offerings, while other users can explore the service provider directory to find the right professionals.
  6. Users can post and search for transportation-related jobs and events .
  7. Users can connect and discover each other via the business directory.
  8. Share insights and network with other members.
  9. Participate in the Transport Stake Awards Program to acknowledge excellence in the transportation industry. All Transport Stake members are eligible to vote in the program to recognize the winners.

Company information

Transport Stake is a project of 4Finance AG, a privately held Swiss company.

4Finance AG also operates other B2B platforms such as SmartMoneyMatch, Publicity Marketplace, Functional Sourcing, and Education Stake.


Transport Stake began its journey in 2023, following in the footsteps of its sister platform, SmartMoneyMatch, which went live in January 2015.

We started by building SmartMoneyMatch as a B2B platform and soon recognized the need for a similar concept in other industries.

We realized that in some circumstances the (lack of) information flow created huge inefficiencies from both sides and communication needed to be enhanced.

This led to the creation of platforms like Transport Stake, Publicity Marketplace, Functional Sourcing, and Education Stake, aiming to make interactions more efficient across various sectors.

Transport Stake focuses on enhancing collaboration within the transportation community, connecting professionals, and simplifying the exchange of transportation services and solutions.